Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 7... The end of a great summer

This week started off on a bad note for me, doctors in the ER had to remove my nail as my crush injury aggravated. This again gave me a new biology lesson on human body.
As far as research was concerned, luckily for me I had few successful experiments in the previous few weeks. It gave me enough data to analyze. My dependence on huge amounts of pain killers did inhibit me from doing experiments. But, I thought I could visit more surgeries and medical units this week. Which turned out to be impossible since The Joint Commission for Accreditation was visiting all campuses of NYP this week and we were specifically instructed by Dr. Laura Forese, Chief Medical Officer at Weill Cornell NYP to not participate in any clinical experiences for the rest of the week. Hence, majority of my time involved data analysis.

This summer experience gave an incredible insight into the medical world and its people. I think my trip back to Ithaca will be filled with the satisfaction of learning beyond my area, exploring a new life and enjoying myself at Weill Medicall College. Au revoir!

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