Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 7-Brandon

The final week was semi-fun. I spent most of the time finishing measure the images that I had so I could report the information during lab meeting and during our conference call with Ithaca. The study seemed to fit well into the scope of what we are doing now and I received some feedback on what to expand on. Learning about teh cracking joints was no doubt one of the most memorable things I did this summer and I plan on continuing with the topic alongside my work on the intervertebral disc. I also started planning for the upcoming rat surgeries for my project. Overall I loved my time in NYC with the Hartl crew, however I doubt that it will be the last time I see them since we do collaborate on the IVD project and our in vivo work is done at the Medical college. I gained a great deal of knowledge that I will be bringing back and implementing in my research, especially when we begin to tackle the problem of scale up. I got to see numerous examples of what I am working on in Ithaca will be addressing in the clinic and got a sense for what I have to keep in mind when designing. I also learned a lot about the spine itself and how stuff goes on in the operating room. Everyone was great to work with and I look forward to coming down to the city again soon.

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