Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Week 7 - "No more subway directions"

This week, I spent most of the days coding up for my project, and running that code analyzing different patients' MRI scans. We managed to obtain decent results in improving the imaging of myelin water content in T2-relaxometry data, though still a lot of work needs to be done.

I volunteered for another MRI scan this week. Though it takes a long time to complete ( around 2 hours this time), and my neck stays sour for another hour or so, but it's still feels really good to know there's nothing wrong with my brain as far as the MRI scans go.

Other than winding up the project and the MRI, there wasn't much else I did. Exploring NYC, farewell dinner and saying goodbyes. I'll miss having a McDonalds right next to me that operates 24 hours a day!

Overall it's been a great learning experience. Observing the patient treatments in the ORs exposed me to the practices and challenges of patient care ranging from anesthesia, to instrumentation, in both the usage and design. Following Dr. Gauthier in her clinical rounds gave me the opportunity to run through the psychological impacts of a disease, and that therapy is just part of the treatment.

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  1. and oh, when I was checking out, the warden said "you're leaving. Means no more subway directions!" :(